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questions about '95 E320

Well, I'm the proud new(to me) owner of a '95 E320 Wagon. This makes two E classes in my stable, but this one is quite different from my '86. Well I've got a couple of questions:

1. Does this engine, the 104 I beleive use OBDII diagnostics
and if so, were's the socket.

2. Are the service manuals available on CD for this model

3. The car hesitates and lurchs at light acceleration, no lurching at heavy accel, just light, almost feels like the accelerater cable is sticking, but that seems way to simple.

I have an OBDII code scanner and was wondering if it would work on this model with the HFM engine management. Since I've got a long trip planned this weekend, I'll most likely take it to the dealer this week, but wanted to check with you guys to see if theres some simple things I should check out first.

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