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ok, this is what I did.

I created a folder on my hard disk. in that folder I have a folder called "disc 1" and a folder called "disc 2". I copied the contents into these folders of each disc.

I then put the index file in the main folder, so it has the index file, and the "disc 1" and "disc 2" folders in that folder.

Then I placed a shortcut to the index file to my hard disk.

I would suggest you do it like me, and copy the discs into seperate folders named disc 1 and disc 2. put these folders into another folder. extract the zip file to the folder, and run the index. if allis well, you should be able to click on disc 1 and disc 2 links on the index page I created. and it will load the appropriate disc program, bypassing the software checks and the intro movies.

if you are good with html, you can modify the file directory locations in the file, but if you follow my instructions, it should work fine.

BTW, it runs much better off the hard disk, so you will lost about 700 megs or so of space, no bigggie for most.

here is the file...

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