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yes, anything in the dash i can pretty much tell you how to remove, as i have replaced the entire dashboard on my 83 300SD(older, but still a W126 chassis). Here is something i wrote up before, let me know if anything is unclear and please DONT FORCE ANYTHING!!!! you will regret it later i promise!(dont ask me how i

To remove center console wood:

First remove the ashtray, once that is lifted up there will be 2 screws that hold the entire assembly in place. Remove those screws, and slide out assembly (Will take some effort). Disconnect light and lighter power wires. Once that is out of the way, you can lift up on the storage bin, once you have it lifted up pull it forward (towards front of car) and out. Next slide the piece of wood forward the surrounds the shifter, this will take a little bit of effort. Once you have slid that forward you can lift up on it safely, disconnect all wires and lift out.

To remove the wood around pushbutton unit (acc unit).

First you must remove the radio. On the underside of the wood, right above where the ashtray assembly was, there are two screws, the screws turn in towards the roof of the car, and help hold the wood in. Remove those screws. Once those are removed, you should be able to gently pull down the wood, and it should slide out.

You will have to remove the entire ashtray assembly to remove the wood surrounding the acc unit, that is covered in the first paragraph. Hope this helps
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