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Steering Gear Box; Rebuild or Replace?

I have removed the steering gear box as there was about 2-3" of play in the steering wheel. I wanted to try to adjust the play by adjusting the allen bolt/lock nut combination and, after doing so, I have been able to remove some of the play and, overall, the gear action (as I spin the shaft that connects to the steering gear box with my fingers) seems to be smoother. My problem is that I can still spin that shaft about a 1/16 of a turn before there is a feeling of gear engagement and before I can see the pitman arm start to move. I can't believe that kind of play is normal (imagine how that will translate into play once your hands are further out from the center of the pivot holding the steering wheel).

My questions are, first, am I right that that much play is unreasonable (and unsafe and hard on my tires)? Second, can I rebuild the steering gear box and will a rebuild remove that play? Third, if you say that I can't, can someone else? Fourth, if you say someone else can, who? Fifth, if a rebuild won't solve this then from whom do you reccomend I obtain a replacement? Finally, am I missing something or should I be asking a different question?
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