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no, heheheh, you get to have some fun(in the most sarcastic of all meanings possible). If you want to replace ALL your lights, your gonna need more than just a couple. There are two separate lights, possibly three, that light up the acc unit. They are simple enough to replace. Now for the fun part, all the switches around the acc unit are run off fiber-optics, run off a single light bulb. This same light bulb lights up the underside of your a/c vents(that part of my car is defunct, a whole nother story). This light bulb is located in the very back of the console. It will look like a black box with a bunch of wires running out of it. It is much easier if you take out the acc unit to get to, but if you do take it out, it takes ALOT of time to fit back in correctly so it fits flush with your wood trim. You may want to ask yourself if this is worth it if you have lighting already. You risk melting the plastic, and majorly screwing up the alignment of the wood trim. however, blue would look really Also be carefull with the fiber optic lines, they are very fragile and break easily if you bend them too much, or at least mine do. Good luck, and if you want a picture of what your about to get into shoot me an email
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