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99 S420 Probs

LAST WEEK THE DEALER CHANGED THE OIL PUMP, SENSOR, AND DID AN OIL CHANGE ON MY '99 S420. sorry for the caps (I really am). Now this week, I see that the car is leaking oil and I have to go back and complain. (Best thing about living 3 miles away from them) The entire service department know me there and I think they are the best dealer in so cal, they are Calbasas Motorcars) What do you think could cause this problem, I fear that it is the oil seals of the engine because my 97 e320 has the same problem. The cars are usually sitting fully detailed in the garage with no movement. I try to start em up once a week but I don't think thats enough. Any posts are greatly appreciated.

99 s420 45k
97 e320 36k
96 sl600 havent checked in a while
89 300e just did an oil and filter change on it with the topsider. AWESOME. I used the Mobil 1 filter and some Mobil 1 synthetic 10w30 with some dino 20w50 to make the best m103 cocktail. also added some Valvoline fuel injector cleaner and I felt like I got at least 10 hp in all bands of the engine.
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