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Thanks for your comments. I would never buy a car without a warranty. There are too many things to go wrong. I'll have the dealer check the radiator neck for cracks, but I haven't seen any sign of over heating, even when creeping cross town at about 5 mph with the ac on.

You're not a fan of the ML, I take it. They are not as quiet at the TE, nor do they have the finish details of the E class. I actually worry about newer models of the ML due to the growing influence of Chrysler and their make them as 'cheaply as possible' and then call the defects 'normal' attitude. OTOH, I saw my first "used" '98 320 4-matic wagon for sale recently. Now if I could find one of those with a big chunk of the factory warranty plus a Starmark warranty, I'd probably jump at the opportunity. A Benz is a nice ride, one with about 80K worth of warranty coverage ahead of it is nicer yet!