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Old 08-08-1999, 12:22 AM
Bruce Mendel
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I am looking into buying a 6.9. It supposedly has 92000 original miles and is in great shape with a few things needed like nitrogen chambers in rear, AC charge, etc.

My questions are:

1. At $9000, repainted in original silver, is it a good deal if it's in very good to excellent shape?

2. How much of a rich masochist do I need to be to own this car?

3. Can anyone recommend a great MB shop in the San Diego area to get it checked out prior to purchase? Also, I live in NJ, so any shops either north or south NJ would be great as well.

4. Anything specific I should look for when getting it checked? I'm getting the VIN#, but not sure how much help that will be.

Thanks in advance, and please email if you'd like.