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Jethro Tull
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I was looking for "real world" information....

Why do you think the M-B tech info is propaganda?

I don't. But....following MB service procedure to the greatest possible extreme on an 18 year old car that's never going to be anything more than a "good beater" is absurd. I could carry the whole project to the far reaches of reality, roll it in my paintbooth when I'm done, whip up a 3K BC/CC hand-rubbed urethane job, replace all the weatherstripping, and then try to sell a bare-bones, stick '82 240D for 10K. I know better.

From your info you apparently work at a business associated with or doing repairs on cars.

Close. I own the business.

Would you ignore tech info related to what your business does knowing that problems will result?

No. I rise to the occasion when the project/job is worthy of it. I also keep reality in sight when I'm working on a 20 year old hunk of iron that I've got less than a thousand dollars in. A pig in a Gucci dress is still a pig.

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