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I had a 1969 220D for many years. We picked it up on European delivery back in 1969. My dad got the car with no options, so it had a 4 speed manual on the tree. I ended up with the car and drove it many reliable miles till I upgraded to a 1987 300TD. The car was a gutless wonder. I did learn how to get the most out of it. THe old sling shot approach on passing. TImeing the lights and the rest. I would imagine that the car with an automatic would be a dog. I fun dog, but a dog none the less. If it is a three speed auto, even more so. It is a simple realiable car that has great lines. When ever I see one, especially one in good shape, I get emotional. I learned to work on cars on a 220D. Mechanically it is a simple car to maintain and was my first real car. Learned how to drive in it, took it to my high school senior prom, sking, vacations and my daily driver for 10 years

63 190d (sold)
69 220D (sold)
69 280SL (sold)
76 BMW 2002 (sold)
86 190E-16v (Demised at Laguna Seca Turn 9)
87 300SDL (sold)
87 300SDL 135k
87 300TD 280k (sold)
95 E320W 211k
95 E320w 111k
05 C320 4matic
06 E320 CDI 90k (Totaled by a texting 19 year old girl in a nissan)
2013 GLK 250 Bluetek 4MATIC
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