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Bad mechanic

I had a mechanic look over the benz i was going to buy and told him to look at everything to make the purchase with his approval and let him tell me what was wrong with the car. He told me he would run comoression test and check everything. He has inspected the car but not carefully and now the car has many repairs, Like head gasget leak rear main seal(possible), tranny cooler lines and a few other things. After spending a grand with him to fix everything he said needed to repair, the car still has the vibration that it came with and im out a grand plus i have a car with more problems than i bargained for. He was the mechanic for the owner and we made the deal in his shop after his check up of the car. He told me the engine is indestructabe and the trannies last forever and now i find almost 2k more of repairs plus the 1k i spent. I could have bought a better car with less repairs for the same money. What would anyone else do in this situation.
I feel he sold the car for the guy that had him work on it for so long and so many repairs. I feel like i got screwed basically.

I used a charge card but dont know whether to dispute it or not.

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