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1975 240D How to Replace Diaphram on Injection Pump?

Help! I posted a problem last month, 1975 Mercedees 240D, where the engine idles Ok, and goes fast Ok, but otherwise the engive revs up and down. (it also smokes super bad when started untill it warms up).
Unfortunately, only got one response but was greatfull for that.
I order the diaphram part for the fuel injection and started to take off first the first part with the 4 screws so that I can see the diaphram. It actually looked OK but have since ripped it while trying to pull it out to get to the pin that holds the diaphram on.

Question: I can see the snap clip that holds the pin onto the diaphram but no way to get my fingers in the hole to get it off (without removing the next whole plate that covers the injection pump.) I started to remove this large plate but diesel is dripping out.

Is there any way to get the diaphram rod out without taking off that wide plate? (it covers most of the back side of the injection pump) (note: also one screw head that holds the wide plate is stripped and can't get it out).
I have the mercedees manual but it doesn't show me much detail and instructions are vague. I was told this should be 1.5 hr. job but the screws have been on so unbelievably tight and can't get channel locks on it.

Can I somehow get the whole rod out with the diaphram?
Can I get a fax copy of what this looks like?
What else would cause my engine to rev up and down?
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