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Euro 287,
Do you mean use an all-copper evaporator? I thought the problem with the stock ones (like mine!) was that they WERE made from aluminum, which reacts poorly with R-134a, but copper was OK . . .

Mr. Bill,
My experience may or may not be typical, but mine has been moderately repair-intensive. Have done the evaporator, water pump, radiator, power steering reservoir reseal, motor mounts. Some day will probably have to replace the throttle actuator since I've had a few episodes of going into "limp home" mode (not a problem if the car in question doesn't have ASR). I do have a somewhat rough idle when cold but not too objectionable.

That said, I really love the car and it's a great handling vehicle. (Even better if you replace front and rear sway bars with 500E bars.)
'93 400E
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