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I would believe you have a defective second thermostat or you installed it backwards. The MB cooling system uses the thermostat to mix cold water from the radiator, which in cold weather can be really cold, with hot water from the engine before it enters the waterpump and gets pumped intp the head. This avoids thermal shock when the thermostat opens. It also adds a function to the thermostat making it a more complex device. Thus, new ones sometimes do not work correctly, and more often than you might expect.

I had a similar problem with my 1986 190E 2.3-16 (now my son's car - still have a hard time with that). The thermostat is the only thing that controls engine coolant temperature and if the engine coolant is not reaching design temperature, the coolant flow is not being regulated correctly. Check the action of the old thermostat and then compare it to the new one. You should see both sections of the thermostat move by the time the water boils. Add some cool water and you should see the part that controls flow from the radiator close up some. On my 190E thermostat the part that controls water from the radiator would open all the way, then hang up and stay fully open. This prevented the car from staying fully warmed up.

I have heard there is a small pump for the cabin heater water flow on some models, and that when this unit fails you do not get much heat. I am not sure if the failure mode is the same as yours, and I am fairly certain if your engine coolant is not staying at the normal temperature as you drive, you have a thermostat issue. If it is installed backwards I think it may not seat correctly, and that could lead to the same symptoms. Good Luck, and I hope this helps, Jim
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