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Angry Excessive Oil consumption in a 1972 250

I hope some one can help me. I just purchased a 1972 250 with the 6 cylinder gas engine at an auction. The car is in really good shape with the exception of the motor. When you first start it all is fine, but after approx. 2 minutes it starts smoking from the rear. The problem is that it is not just smoke, It is pumping out oil and spraying it from the exhaust. The car is missing the final muffler, and the muffler located in the middle of the car is full of oil I think. I parked the car in the garage and the next day there is a huge puddle of oil under neath the muffler. When I drove the car home it was smoking VERY heavily under acceleration. I have removed the valve cover and I don;t see any cracks visible . I have also checked the antifreeze and it dosen't look like any oil is mixed with it. (When the car was at the auction there was no radiator cap, I bought one forthe trip home.) My question is what is causing the oil to be pumped out the exhaust? I say pumped out because of the oil blowing from the rear of the car seems to be un-burned. I started the car when the valve cover was off and alot of oil is being thrown up by the timming chain to the camshaft. Is ths proper? The only other thing I have checked out is the Compression. 4 of the six cylinders were around 140 psi, the other two were 150 and 190. these were the very front piston and the 190 was at the very rear piston (next to the firewall) Is the problem a cracked head?
Thanks in advance for your help.
Regards Guy

Is anyone reading this or do I have a very unusal probler?

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