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If you did not keep running the car and the boil over event was kind of "after the fact" meaning the water boiled away to cool an engine just sitting there, you are probably ok. As the water in an open system reaches 212 degrees Fahrenheit, it boils and the phase change takes a lot of energy with it. If you did not run out of water, or run it down to the point where it was not boiling in the head area, you are probably ok. As noted above, the head is pretty stout, and if the event was a boil over only (not run dry) you probably did not reach excessive temperatures.

My daughter just did this to the 1982 240D in our household and she called me to tell me the gage was in the red. She noticed it after God knows how long. I had her fill it with the anti-freeze mixture in the trunk (always carry a 50/50 mix in a gallon jug in an old car) and go buy some more. We diagnosed a leaking water pump and she took it to a local mechanic in Schenectady, NY who fixed it the next day. No damage to the engine.

Good luck, Jim
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