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Angry Engine cuts out after 10 minutes

First, a big thank you to this forum which has helped me greatly in the past. Now please do it again!

Have W124 ī91 300CE. Car always starts easily, even after several daysīnon-use. However, after running fine for about 10 mins, the engine just dies - and thatīs it! I can get nothing out of it at all for at least 40 minutes. Then, usually, I can get the engine started, but unless I keep the revs at around 2000, it just dies again. Similarly if I try to put it into gear (auto shift) the engine just dies.

After about one hour, I get the engine going again and, although it runs a bit rough for a few minutes, I can usually get into gear and away. Thereafter, for the rest of the day, even if I park up for several hours everything is absolutely fine. Car starts perfectly and runs without any roughness.

Clearly this is something to do with a component that reacts to the engine warming up - perhaps changing the mixture, ignition timing or whatever. But what is it??

Please help on this as I am now living in Spain and itīs really hard to explain this to the Spanish Mercedes dealers - even if I trusted the local one which I donīt after he blew up my radiator!

All suggestions gratefully received.

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