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top teather clarification

Sorry guys, what I meant by "top teather" is the top strap hook up for a child safety seat. Many of the newer safety seats have a seat belt looking arrangement that comes off the top. Most all newer model cars already have an eye hook type arrangement up on the package shelf for sedans, on the back of the rear seats for SUV's and Wagons. You would clip the top teather to this anchor point and therefore tighten up your child safety seat so that it doesent whip forward in a rear end collision etc. I asked my dealer today if there was such a retrofit for the '95 wagon and he said no, but he didn't seem really sure of himself.

thanks for the info on the self leveling suspension, BTW anyone have an address for where to get the fluid cheaper than dealer?? You all are right, dealer is pretty expensive about $20 a liter (and you said it takes 4 right).


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