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The main cpu:

all numbers

B 57 512
DSD8836V3 C
INTEL 1980

The Eprom:

S56020 <- Standard intel eprom

There is a label put over the "eraser hole" with numbers
2 287 356 511

I/O chip ?:

Texas Instruments


+2 pcs Ti B57356 (8835ar)
+1 pcs SN74LS02NAM
+1 pcs 7-pin "very strange" 30004 4088 <-looks like a bosch mark on it.

About the "glued" chip :
When you try to remove the black cover then you may destroy the chip ,because there is a notch on the cover which takes the little plastic ring away that is assembeled right over the "glued"chip.
This plastic ring could also be a protective thing for the glued chip.
I dont like that "notch"
My idea of copy protection is:
Since the 3:rd "glue chip" pcb is located on the power board it could be some kind of checksum thing for the rom.
This would prevent people from repairing the control unit by taking a power board from a similar car/KE-Jetronic.
Like a key ,if the cpu/rom cant find a key on the powerboard it wouldnt start. <-a wild guess.
The 3:rd pcb is wired directly from the powerboard to the cpu itself.

I have installed a new (used) box,and it seems to be working properly.

Maybe i will copy (backup) the eprom from the old box and have a look at it.

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