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It needs a head gasget and is leaking from the tranny to the rear main seal and many other things leak like the power steering pump the tranny cooler lines needs muffler hangers the fuel pump leaks plus the vibration is there and he charged me 1000. to do the ball joints, service the transmission, and he claimed it was the front of the engine that was leaking and it is not according to the way the oil is leaking from it. I feel like either he is not taking care of me or does not know what he is doing. Let me add that he is the fast saleman type that tries to talk like a true gentleman while trying to impose the carges on you. He acts so classy that i dont want to dipute it but i feel like i got screwed deep down inside. Why should i buy a car like this after taking to him and him telling me he will run all the tests and check everything.

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