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I run synthetic in both of my cars; have run Mobil 1 up until now, but as I understand Mobil has cheapened the manufacturing process with their "Tri-synthetic formula" so I'm going to Redline Synthetic henceforth.

I think synthetic fluids work great...had an '88 Honda Accord LXi that I put 270 k on, and even up until when I sold it it ran as new. Changed out the oilpan at around 250k (it was rusting on the exterior) and the motor looked new inside. I changed the oil every 8-12k miles, and it would burn maybe a half quart between changes up until it moved on. My brother has it now, and it runs exactly the same, and the motor's never been open.

However, beware of putting it in older motors not accustomed to how well synthetic flows. When I purchased my '88 300TE in '95 (with 67k miles), I switched over and was treated to a leaking rear main seal...not a cheap fix, but I won't have to do it again for probably 200k miles! However, nothing else has leaked so it was worth it to me, and I'd do it again. And when I recently converted the 500E it didn't leak at all. Factor in the easier cold starts, the smoother shifts (I also run synthetic tranny fluid), and the less frequent change intervals and I think you may agree it's not a bad deal. Good luck!

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