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Michael wrote:

"I run synthetic in both of my cars; have run Mobil 1 up until now, but as I understand Mobil has cheapened the manufacturing process with their "Tri-synthetic formula" so I'm going to Redline Synthetic henceforth."

Is this based on hearsay, or from Redline, Castrol or etc.

The reason I ask is, if Mobil cheapened the process I would applaud their action as almost almost all manufacturing companies look to reduce their manufacturing costs, while improving their products. In Mobil's case if they did lower the cost, why did they raise the price 25 30 cents per quart?

We know it's not cause of the rise in crude oil prices.

Soapbox time: Hey Sunoco, what the heck is up with raising the price of Ultra 94 12-15 cent's overnight, not enought profit this quarter?
Off Soapbox:

Also he wrote:

"However, beware of putting it in older motors not accustomed to how well synthetic flows. When I purchased my '88 300TE in '95 (with 67k miles), I switched over and was treated to a leaking rear main seal...not a cheap fix, "

What problably happened here was that the previous owner used dino oil, and it allowed sludged and other contaminents to build up around the seal. When you switched to M1 it cleaned it out from in front of the seal. I've seen this on many a valve cover or cam cover gasket and seals.

It didn't affect the seals molecular structure, it just clean out the "dam" the sludged had created.

Rear main seals leaking in both the inline Sixes and some V-8's, I've inspected, showed signs of leaking or leak in as low as 55K miles with use of straight Quaker or other dino type oils. Sometimes they never leak. There is a tremendous amount of heat in this area.

While Mobil (Exxon)does have a tremendous advertising budget, Independent documented tests back all their claims.

I know a lot of AutoX'ers and SCCA guys that run the Redline products with equal satisfaction. They do have a good contingency program for SCCA racers.

It's availability is just not the same as the Mobil products.

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