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Unhappy Smoking 1989 420 SEL


I am the proud owner of a 1989 420 SEL with 104k on the clock. I have recently noticed a disturbing condition on my car. It has happened on only two occasions so far. Here are the symptoms:

1 - A huge cloud of smoke from the tailpipe when car was gunned from a standing start.

2 - While sitting at idle at a light, suddenly smoke cloud envelops the car. The car seemed to run a little rough just prior to the smoke cloud. Lasted for about 20 seconds or so, then cleared up.

Car does not seem to smoke in general when accelerating.

Car seems to use a little oil, but I have not had long enough to really tell. (about 3 weeks and I have put about 1000 miles on it)

Any ideas? Do I have a major problem here?

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