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HI guys,

Just my .02 worth. I have always bought used. Never bought new(can't afford it) and although none of my purchases had that kind of mileage on it, the first think I do after getting the car is "zero it out", meaning I change oil, filter, air filter, trans fluid and filter, coolant, brake fluid, and even the plugs(bosch super's). my '86 300E has 160,00 on it now and when I bought it it had 48,000. I do the trans myself, it's not hard just a little messy. Trans filter kits complete with gasket and new O-rings are cheap at fast-lane, about $30-40 for my E-class. The MB's are one of the few cars out there that you can actually drain the tourque converters on, so it take quite a bit of fluid to fill 'em back up(dont' overfill). E-mail me for more details if you like.

Take care
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