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Matt Crooke
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Just so im clear here...

You want to be able to lock and unlock the drivers door without it effecting the other doors?

Then its either get a car without central locking or as mentioned earlier disable the pump so all the doors work manually. Dont forget though once inside the car, your daughter will no doubt lock the doors anyway, so a car with working central locking is much safer i would have thought, as she only has to press the lock on the drivers door and the whole thing is secure.

One other thing to remember, most cars have anti burst in the event of an accident the doors will unlock to allow easier access to the emergency services. Disabling the central locking will of course remove this feature....which in its self is for driver and passenger safety.

Whats the main reason for you wanting to do this? I know you want it for security for your daughter, which is commendable, but how will it make it safer?
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