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Hmmm, I never bought a vehicle with a salvage title, but my '90 Acura Integra was recently totalled in a hit and run crash while it was parked.

$5800 worth of body damage; the car was worth $6500. State Farm insurance had an 80% cut-off so they totalled out the car. I received $6000 from insurance co. (I have a $500 deductible on collision.)

I asked them what it would take to buy the car back; they replied $700 and the car would have a salvage title. I'd need to do the repairs and get an inspection to make it roadworthy.

Not sure what this has to do with MB's, but I do see quite a few late model cars in the local paper for $20-30K, cars that would go for $40-50K without the mentioned "front end damage," etc. For the $700 I could have gotten my Acura back for, if this was a late model Benz, I could stand to make a good bit of money, just for reselling a wreck.

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