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the 1997 C36 with salvage title only has 12,800. it has been completely repaired according to the seller and he said that he is able to produce to me all the records of what happened. i am going to have a service check the car out completely and see how the integrity holds up. i drove the car and it is fast i have to admit and seems to handle well. Everything seems fine just that i have to check out if the MB warranty still is in effect and if my insurance will cover it. As far as i am concerned now it is the year 2000 already for cars so the value is even lower. I plan to offer him 50% of the market retail value. The market value is about $44,000. I plan to offer 50-55% of this value since in 3-4 year when i sell it, i am going take a BIG hit on it. so, if i get i for about $23-24,000, after 3-4 years i might be able to get like $12-14,000 for the car...what do you think?

thanks in advance for the info....