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There actually is a very quick permanent fix for this if you have the skills.

Place the link back over the metal ball, Obtain a large metal washer with an ID of about 1/4 inch less than the flat, exposed upper surface of the metal ball (seems like they meant for this repair as the ball has a flat upper surface just designed for this technique. Place the washer on the ball. This traps the linkage. You must now TIG weld or other fine arc weld the inner ID of the washer to the top of the ball. A couple spots on either side work well. Done quickly (with the TIG) and with a wet rag around the link the remains of the old captive bushing will still be there to keep the linkage from klunking on rebound. The results can't break if done properly and the only place it can go is to break up the rest of the bushing and klunk with the play.

We have done a number of them on the early cars, takes about an hour, most of which is set-up time.
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