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hi abalto and others...
i DID NOT buy that car!! it was a piece of junk. i had an independent specialist who inspects used cars do a complete engine, body, tranny check. a service called AUTOCRITIC in Long Island. i highly recommend this service. only $120+ US dollars and worth every penny saved me so much money!! after the complete check he gave me a 3 page report on the car. first of all, let me warn you! the seller seems like a nice guy. i dont know whether or not he knows the extent of the damage but even after we told him, he was still arguing and defending his position. it turns out the car was in a MAJOR hit on the driver side. completely MESSED UP!!! the AUTOCRITIC took me under the car, showed me all the work done, the imperfections, the dirt, the rust...the messed up paint job. also, this is very important, NO TAGS ON ANY OF THE DOORS, TRUNK or anywhere else that should have tags. the car was literally LOP SIDED! and if you look closely, the lines are off on the trunk and hood! man, the car was messed up. the car isnt worth more $10,000 in my book. i just dont want to mislead anyone...and i hope the seller does the right thing but i told him what is wrong with the car...i hope he isnt still trying to sell it saying that there is MINIMAL damage.

Abalto, i ended up buying a MINT 1995 C36. i mean COMPLETELY mint with 38,000 miles. i am lovin it and i like POLAR WHITE a lot better than black anyways. i can live with the 4 speed trans. from the 500E and i can live with the older style steering wheel. i feel good that i got a great, mint completely serviced by mercedes C36 with ALL THE SERVICE RECORDS!! on top of that, this cars warranty is good until 2/2002, 100,000 miles!

so, the conclusion is NEVER take a chance with the SALVAGE TITLE car and dont worry about year...worry about condition and mileage, and service records.

my opinion..stay away from the ebay i said, the owner seems like a nice guy, but his car is messed up...

take care...