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well there ya go... so for the record... I popped my mercedes manual cds in the microwave and zapped both of them for 3 seconds, resulting in an incredible light show as the metal alloy writable surface turned into a giant conducting surface, creating large arching points of electricity. Anyway, did you guys also know that soon under the cyber terrorism laws, you will also be a terrorist of you illegaly copy cds? Oh yea, and don't take pictures of bridges or public phones! Why? Because that is now punishable by up to 10 years in prison.... because you know... that makes you a terrorist! And no, I am not kidding, actually, the RIAA also wants to make it illegal to make your own computer! Wow... so at this rate... ill be thrown in a secret prison as a detainee... not a prisoner mind you, but a detainee for an indefinate amount of time by the time im 21! What a life!

P.S. Lebenz... you are absolutely correct about this thread being not safe legality wise...
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