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This appears to be the best from 1 Source 5 years 60,000 miles for $4,500:
Diamond Coverage View Actual Agreement (pdf) View Actual Agreement (doc)

Diamond is the most comprehensive plan available covering well over 4000 component parts. This coverage provides for the repair or replacement of most factory-installed mechanical and electrical operating parts. Virtually every component on your vehicle is protected. The only exclusions are periodic maintenance and those items listed in our agreement under “Parts and Services not Covered.”

Whether you buy or lease your vehicle, our Diamond plan can provide a term that matches your driving and lifestyle needs.

Full Coverage For:

Transfer Unit (4x4)
Front/Rear Drive Axles
Electrical System
Fuel Delivery System
Braking System (Including ABS)
Front/Rear Suspension
Steering System
Heating/Cooling Systems
Air Conditioning System
Power Window/Locks
Power Seats
Digital Instrument Cluster
Audio System
Convertible Top Motor
Safety Restraint Systems (Airbags)
GPS (Global Positioning System)
Seals & Gaskets (Stand-Alone)
Wear & Tear



The performance of normal maintenance services listed in Your Vehicle’s Owners Manual as supplied by the Manufacturer, scheduled replacement of parts and wear items, service adjustments, and parts and services such as, but not limited to:

Engine Tune-Up

Spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor cap and rotor, glow plugs, filters, hoses, fan/accessory drive belts.


Injection system or carburetor adjustments, cleaning of fuel system, carburetor, complete exhaust and emission systems (including catalytic converter and smog pump).

Standard Transmission

Clutch plate/lining, pressure plate, flywheel, throwout bearing, pilot bushing.

Charging System

Battery, battery cables.

Cooling System

Coolant flush, additives, hoses.

Brake System

Brake linings/shoes, brake pads, rotors, drums, neoprene hoses/lines.


Shock absorbers, suspension alignment, wheel balancing.

Interior & Exterior

Physical damage, alignment of bumper/body/trim parts, glass, lenses, bulbs, sealed beams, wiper blades, trim, moldings, bright metal, fasteners, paint, rust, upholstery, carpet, rubber or rubber-like items, convertible top/window, vinyl top, weather-strips, squeaks and rattles, interior/exterior ornamentation, body sheet metal, bumpers, body panels, structural framework, structural welds, water leaks, wind leaks/noise, wheels, rims, wheel covers, tires (except for ESA Tire / Road Hazard Benefit).


Oils, additives, coolant, refrigerant recharge or other fluids and filters, except in conjunction with the repair/replacement of a covered part. After-market parts or accessories not produced by the Manufacturer, such as, but not limited to custom wheels, CB radios, audio systems, cellular telephones, anti-theft systems, air conditioning systems, sunroofs, automatic speed control systems.

In addition, Diamond customers enjoy all of our Convenience Benefits even while under their factory warranty.

NOTE: 1SourceAutoWarranty provides complete contract terms and provisions that may have additional information not contained herein. The contract purchased is the total and complete agreement between 1SourceAutoWarranty and the Service Contract Holder. It replaces, supercedes, and is controlling as to any and all e-mail, telephone conversations, or other correspondence between 1SourceAutoWarranty and the Service Contract Holder.
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