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1985 190E Door Locks

TO: Matt, Ashman & euro 287 (I hope I remembered everyone who responded, if not, please forgive my overlooking you...)

Anyway... Thanx much for the clever ideas & comments. I hadn't even thought about the possibility of a seperate vacuum system for the drivers & remaining doors... I believe I'm going to look into that a little deeper...

To euro... (OOPS... I goofed... This should be TO MATT... )

As for your question of how having ONLY the driver door open, makes the car safer for a woman... If you have a wife, or girfriend, or obviously not yet...a daughter, I'd suggest you enroll both them and yourself in a class (or classes) on self defense for women... Most local law enforcement agencies either put on, or can direct you to appropriate classes.

It's a sad commentary about our societies ability to cope... BUT... our female counterparts live in a different (significantly less safe, especially in larger metropolitan areas) world than we do... (In more ways than we usually make jokes about...)

Anyway... back to the reason... It does so, because when she's trying to get into her car in a darkened parking lot (like most evenings after classes at the local Community College), it allows her to get into the car ALONE... WITHOUT having to walk all the way around it to check and make sure someone with potentially harmful intent, is lurking on the passenger side...

Thanx again to all for the info & assistance...
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