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Alain V,
Just did the Renntech radiator work on that 500E? My 92 500E runs hot (and hence a little off its game) in the ultra hot/humid Atlanta weather. Benzmac can confirm that the OEM cooling system is in great shape. Even so it still gets pretty hot under traffic or track conditions. (105-115 C) We are just looking for ways to keep the engine temp down (read: under 100 C) when outside temps are 95-105 F in traffic, or while waiting in line at the strip/track. Did you ever find out how well the tuner radiator worked for the 500E? Were the 93 car's "mods" just chip/airbox/ASR defeat or 6.0 engine? Ever do any other supplemental engine cooling stuff to W124 M119's or 500E's?