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charging A/C system with air as leak test?

This is my first post on this sight which has been very helpful to me in my first three months of MB diesel ownership. I am about to button up my A/C system on my 1985 300TD. It has a new parallel-flow condenser (old one was leaking), new high pressure/manifold hose, new expansion valve, and a new Four Seasons compressor (why not?). I have flushed the evaporator and all hoses so that I know where I'm starting from on oil quantity. Before changing out the receiver/dryer I was thinking about charging the system with dried, filtered air from my compressor as a leak test. I would then change out the receiver/dryer, add the rest of the oil and pull a vacuum before charging with refrigerant. What do you think? This would hopefully narrow any refrigerant leaks down to the connections to the dryer. I couldn't find any threads discussing pressure testing with air on this sight so I'm guessing there might be a reason not to do this. Obviously, this would be a static test (engine off).

Incidentally, here is a list of everything I have done to this car since I bought it three months ago:

new timing chain/tensioner
new valve stem seals
adjust ip timing
new injectors
new glow plugs
adjusted valve clearances
new engine mounts, shocks, shock mounts
rebuilt vacuum pump
new water pump/thermostat
new front crank seal
new hoses, belts
new voltage regulator
new batter/tray
new radiator
new oil cooler lines
new fuel lines/filters (running B100)
all fluids flushed and new filters
new accumulators
many new vacuum connections, vacuum signal to trans. adjusted
new parallel flow condenser, compressor, hoses

Austin, Texas
1985 300TD, 220,000 miles
1985 300TD "Ted", 220,000 miles
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