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O Noooss the ozone

No, air is a contaminant, use nitrogen. If you must use air, make sure to pull a long, strong vacuum before charging, say below 400 microns.

R22, Chlorodifluoromethane, is not recommended to release into the air.
Ultraviolet radiation will break off a chlorine atom from an HCFC molecule. The one chlorine atom has the potential to destroy 100,00 ozone molecules, and more UV-B radiation reaches the earth. Radiation bad.

134a doesn't have the dreaded chlorine atom in it, that's what makes it a bit better.

Not trying to be righteous or anything, but big blue is a bubble solution that works well or dye and the special flashlight for finding leaks.

I have more info if you want it, but it gets more boring and preachy from here.

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