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Thanks for your help. I checked for spark and have power. Sprayed the airway and the engine turned over briefly. So, we are
dealing with a fuel system problem.

Based on the brief engine start, it is impossible to move the car out of the high-rise garage I live in. So, should I check injectors to see if they are injecting fuel next or replace the fuel pump? I did a search for fuel pump replacement and found several posts but only one who experienced something similar to mine. They replaced the fuel pump and filter and she started up fine with no more problems. I think they had the dealer do it. I have an email in to them to find out what the costs was. I checked fastlane and cost is 198.00 for pump and 17.00 for filter. Now, I just hope the job is do-able for a newbie.

Didn't know a fuel pump could go out so instantly. Based on other posts, others seem to have experienced noises coming from the fuel pump or sputtering, or even idling problems. Also, mine occurred right after sitting for an hour after a fill-up. Only use Premium gas and fill-up everytime I fuel. I even use the gum-out cleaner every three fill-ups. I guess I just lucked on a fuel pump that died after my 133K anniversary

Any other thoughts?

Thanks again

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