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I had mine broken in 2 places, the breaks were very clean, i.e. Straight line breaks.

After looking at it a awhile, and recently purchasing a O-ring kit for another project, I started thinking what the heck .

The bead or piping, as it is called in the upholstry biz, looked like a beige o-ring.

In the kit is a length of o-ring rubber that allows you to make you own size from the material. The way you join the ends is with superglue. This kit had a Loctite product, but no different than any other superglue. It even says that if you run out or it dries up before fully used you can use any brand that works with rubber or plastic. I wouldn't recommended this for the shuttle though.

Short story is, that I treated the piping like an o-ring and put a drop on the break points, pushed in the leather surrounding the piping which aligned the piping together and held for 60 seconds, (Make sure piping is clean with alcohol or something similar).

Viola, It no longer snags my shirt or draws blood, You can't tell where it broken anymore.

Be careful with the glue and also acetone if you use it to clean up residual glue afterwards.

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