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Hey badinfo - as a former electronic tech - a little advice - NEVER put metal in your microwave unless it makes up less than 10% of the total mass put in it. The spark show may be impressive - but it ruins magetrons! When mircowaves first came out - our factory service dept. was told to never put metal in it - without an explanation. Being curious Techs we wondered why - so we put a fork in a new one and turned it on. Great 4 second lightning show! Then we checked the output of the magnetron and in that four seconds the output had gone down 50%!!! We changed it and never did that again. - A word to the wise from one who knows. Just as an aside - I think I have one of the best .6 cu ft microwaves around. I bought it in 1978 - used it extensively raising 4 kids and it still works great on a daily basis with only 3 cavity light bulbs and 2 fuses being changed in all that time! - Almost time for Ripley's!
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