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Question Weird thortle problem on 94 E420, and loud diff

I have searched the archives and did not find anyone with my problem.

When I start my car and it is cold (not really that cold in Florida) The car will idle at 1000-1250 in park until it is warm, but here is the kicker when the car is in drive it will push the car along at 1000 rpm and it resists when I put the brake on (I have to jam the brake to stop, it feels like some one is pushing on my gas pedal, or it feels like I am doing a brake stand). Now for the really strange part, this happens when in Neutral when moving (no feet on the pedals), but as soon as I stop the car the rpms go down to normal (500-700), this will keep on happening until the motor becomes warm and then it will not happen any more.

I did find a few things that may be my problem, but I do not know.
1. Dirty throttle body
2. Bad wiring harness
3. Bad throttle valve actuator (I hope not $$$$)

I don't know if this is normal either but I will ask anyway, I was on the highway and came to a stop at a light and the car would idle very high (about 1500) when in neutral, and would want to push me along in drive. The temp was quite high 100-105 (engine)
Is this normal?

My third problem is that my diff gets quite loud, at speed over 45 you can here it wine and it gets annoying. I did some searching on this and found that most people put Red Line racing synthetic fluid and the wine was reduced.
The diff also makes a clunking sound when the gas is pushed hard at certain speeds (mostly low speeds), it kind of feels like some one just kicked the back of the car (I know this is not good). I found that this could be because the ring and pinion gears are out of wack, but I don't know. I would not be that mad if my diff went then I could get a 2.82

Ok so dose anyone know why my car idles so weird when cold?
Why the idle goes up when the car is hot?
And why my diff is loud and clunky?

Thanks a bunch
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