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I don't think those old trap oxidizers were known as particulate filters.
Thats exactly what they are. It traps the soot then oxidizes it by burning it during regeneration.

If they did, those cars that had them could never produce a smoke screen and we all know they can.
Thats because nobody ever replaces them and I'd bet almost every single one has failed. Some new 2008/9 trucks that have come through the shop at Swift have a failed particulate filter. Its easy to tell since the exhaust pipe will have black soot coating the inside instead of a white light chalk-like coating. It costs $8,000 every time they have to replace one. Yes, I have driven one with a straight pipe (Filters removed for transport between shops) and its a night/day difference in performance when compared to a truck with a properly working particulate filter.

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Overall they're still a good idea, no doubt.
To feel good, yes. Just like with new cars though, nobody ever takes into account the emissions released and resources consumed producing, maintaining/repairing/replacing and recycling the filters since they DO have a limited lifespan. Also, the extra fuel consumed from the filter restriction and regeneration cycle does not help manufacturers meet fuel economy standards.

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