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Angry Car stalls

arrgghh!!! ... I was going to go some place important and when i did turns, the car would stall and die. I had to park the car and start up again to get it going. I decided to go home instead of my original plan since I was afraid of getting in an accident cosidering its rush hour.

I just had my water pump and serpentine belt replace 30 miles ago... can anyone help figure out what it could be? Im getting it fixed by a MB trained mechanic either way, but was just curious as to what others could think the problem is.

Would it be something with the thing that sends fuel to the engine? I remember my tech saying some sensor is worn and that it could shut the engine completely... so i am getting that fixed too with the other stuff.

seems to me that the car was leased orignially to some company here in my town.. and that very little maintanence has been done. I recall reading that the motor mounts have been replaced a whiles back, and just before buying my car, had the front bushings replaced.

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