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On a diesel car, particularly the older 1980s types:

The "bb fix" only works if the rest of the vacuum system does not have leaks. If you are in a state where you are not inspected, you can get away with disconnecting the entire egr system, including the two "white valves" that are a part of it. Simply disconnect the two vacuum hoses as close to the main vacuum line (the larger diameter one) as you can. Plug the two locations at the rubber connector. The car will probably run better.

On a gasoline car:

If you are in a state that inspects (such as California) the emission control system, you will get busted, unless you re-connect the egr before the inspection. On more modern cars, that use numerous sensors and have a computer controlled system, you will be better off repairing any leaks and/or egr parts to get the car to operate properly.
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