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With all due respect to the latest gent to chime in about how much better it would be to just go purchase a $250 hand-gun, I don't mean to come off sounding rude to you, nor to anyone else who may read this... BUT... I intend to leave gun ownership choices to others, without benefit of any comments from me, on EITHER side of gun ownership...


I have ZERO interest in turning this forum discussion about VEHICLE door locks, into one about weapons of ANY kind. This is NOT about guns, and NOT about weapons... This is about car (specifically 1985 Mercedes 190E) power door locks ONLY.

I'd appreciate staying focussed on door locks, and how to make them perform in the manner I'm looking to make them perform in.

To Euro:
You indicated that you had used a solenoid to activate the central locking system when the shifter was placed in gear. Would you mind sharing the specifics on how you accomplished this, such as part numbers used, perhaps a diagram of the wiring, and the installation? (perhaps even a picture ... BUT ONLY.. if it's easy to get to)

Since I've had minimal luck in finding someone to do this for me, (even the local Mercede's Dealers want NOTHING to do with it) it looks like I'm going to end up doing it on my own, so any assistance would be much appreciated.

Thanx again, Ob1jeeper
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