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control units?

Thanks for the email. Your SRS contact rings and brushes need to be replaced right away. Don't wait. The brushes wear out and cause "false hits" on the control unit. This is probably happening when the car is driven straight for a while like on the expressway. The control unit can only stand so many hits before it short circuits. Get the brushes and the contact rings replaced and have whoever puts them in reset the codes on the control unit. We charge 225.00 to change the rings and brushes. The control unit cost about a Grand.


That's what i found online, that's what happened to my SRS, and well, it got so many false hits my control unit short circuited. I have the car under warrenty, under the the title "System" and under that titled it includes "electronic control unit" is this the same control unit the guy above is speaking of? Is there more than one control unit? I don't expect you guys to know the warrenty But is there more than one control unit? Is the electronic control unit different?
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