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You want the 1.2 W blue base bulb. I believe that the MB part number is N 000000000953, 12V 1,2W. I suspect that if you order the 1.2 watt blue base bulb from FastLane you will get the correct item.

Real men make a tool from a coat hanger that involves a 90-degree bend about a quarter inch from the end (make 2 tools). The tools are inserted at the edge of the instrument panel at about 10:00 and 2:00, rotated and pulled. The panel is described as a friction fit, but my recollection is that the rotation may compress a minor plastic tab. I spent the big bucks (about $10) to order the official MB factory tool make in Germany and it was worth it if solely from a confidence inspiring perspective (I used Tom Hanson @ Caliber Motors).

Once you pull the panel there are lots of blue base bulbs on the left side and no key to tell you which one is the problem bulb (it appears that fiber optic cable is used to route the light output to the proper area of the instrument panel) . Trial and error is the way to go and the job will be easier if you are not in direct sunlight (e.g. in the garage). Once the panel is pulled, you can access all of the blue base bulbs without disconnecting anything.

After completing the procedure, all panel bulbs worked fine for me, then about half went out during a cold spell, then they all came back (except the high beam light indicator) when it warmed up. Bulb replacement is clearly the way to start, but there may be more involved. The procedure is not difficult.

Seperate bulbs are used for the gas guage (1 bulb) and the spedometer (2 bulbs). My problem started with the gas guage bulb. The bulbs are real cheap and I would order 3 or 4 just in case you foul the connectors of one bulb during the procedure. It took me a couple tries to remember whether to rotate the bulb clockwise or counter clockwise to install/remove them. While they are clearly accessable, work space is not ample.

The above is based on my experience with a 1996 E320 (W210). I believe that your W210 should be substantially identical.

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