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Basically, what they do (I think) on a Europa II is use the connector at the back of the radio, which has a loopback plug (which is removed) from the tuner to the amplifier, to bring out a long cable to a switching stereo jack. So, when you plug in an iPod, you switch out the radio tuner and route the iPod output directly to the amplifier section of the radio.

I did something different; I put a small microswitch and relay in the stereo itself, so that if I use the pushbuttons or knob and turn all the way to the left, a screw hits a microswitch, energizes a relay, and switches out the tuner and switches in the "aux".

However, be aware that in either of the above cases, the specs on the amplifier are puny in terms of watts - I'd really be surprised if it was 4 watts per channel (2 channels) at 1% distortion - and the actual audio quality of the amp itself is suspect.

To get around the lack of power, I put a small, but pretty powerful motorcycle amp in the back of the car. I had to contend with some ignition noise and level problems, but it wound up being pretty good; I can pretend that it's 1986 when I'm driving.

A chrome Europa II was a little before the era of my 85 380SL, but I like the look and it fits the design of the car better than the radio that came with the car originally - that one digital display among all of the analog gauges doesn't look right to me.
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