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Thanks for all the shared wisdom.
Only "repair records" I have is the maintenance book from the
original PO (ending at 95k). It seems the second PO used indy
shops and kept no records (yikes).
That is why I'm opting to do as much PM as makes economical
sense. I have added a A/T fluid & filter change, and rear rotors/pads to the list.
There seems to be several areas of oil/fluid leaks including the A/T and PS pump that will need to be addressed.

DJNEWK2, what symptoms should I look for on the rad neck?
LAKELOVER, I have repacked the wheel bearings, they look shot.
Added them to the to-do list. Bought Speedbleeders & will do
the brake fluid this weekend.
MOEDIP, I will certainly give the cooling sys some atten. What
is the "viscous fan"? Why MB antifreeze?

Thanks again,

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