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I used 3 jacks, but I think that just made it a little more convenient (different sizes, and could do more at once. I think it could be done with one jack. I need to look under the car, as I think it might have been possible to do this without dropping the springs (but I think it was safer this way.)

Remove the plastic cover under the rear control arms. I jacked the car up under each rear control arm (under the spring perch) and put a jack stand under the jack pad under the rocker panel (chock the front wheels). Pulled each rear wheel. Support under the spring perch again and remove the lower strut bolt, then the pivot bolt where the control arm attaches to the subframe. I had to use a drift pin and hammer, and manipulate the jack level to get that bolt out. Slowly lower the jack and the spring will come free as the control arm drops down. Disconnect the sway bar ends and the bushing supports. Loosen the wire from the various grommets as it courses to the differential. Disconnect one side of the safety strap under the differential. (have to remove the fuel pump assembly cover to get at that. Then support the differential with a jack, loosen the 4 subframe mount bolts, and gradually lower the whole subframe, carefully watching the wire to the differential, the driveshaft, and the brake lines. After lowering it about 4 inches, the sway bar should snake out (move it forward over the front bar of the subframe to get it around the fuel tank line. Reverse to reinstall. Getting the control arm pivot bolts back in as the arm is supported with a jack under tension of the springs is a pain. Multiple jack position trial and error and a pry bar should get you there.

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