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Marc Lenssen
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resistor plugs

Hello Gilly,

I stand very much corrected. I have been driving the non resistors now for a while and the engine does react much better.

Once over 2000rpmīs she pikcks up better and the overall performance is smoother. A little scare when the engine would again start to cut out. I changed the sparks back to the much newer coper ytriums to see if the nomn resistors where aging. Then engine showed the same error so i put back in the on resistors again.
The cutting out at idle remains as before.
Only in Idle and odly enough it happened the first time when going from D to R to back up into a parking place. Since then she does it regularly, mostly when nice and warm. More in D then in N but also there I have to keep the engine running by keeping the car at revs over the limitt of idle. No warning lights nothing.
It may be a coincidence but since short I can hear a distinct airbubble in the warm heater air. As soon as I put the heating on I can hear water running with airbubbles trappped in the system.
Could there be a conection. I know there is an article about this in here but I can not find it anymore. Any thoughts or tips here.

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