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Please excuse this rant but...

Hey everybody! See the Blue buttons across the top of this page? Why not check them ALL out and see the interesting stuff there. For example, PartsShop takes you to LOTS of parts, even when You don't know the part number or name, and FastLane makes it easy to order common stuff.

A necessary function of this site is to SELL PARTS in order to stay up on the webb! Hopefully, web site expenses can be covered -- with something left over for the owners efforts!

You DO NOT KNOW what all PartsShop has in stock unless you check with them. They have surprised me before. They seem to continually add more stuff to the inventory. It's easy to find out by email or a toll free call if they have what you need at a good price.

If one is willing to take the advice offered by total strangers on this site, why not allow the owners of this site, all reputable business men with an address and phone number, show what THEY can offer?

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